The 6 week program to guide you in becoming a certified reiki master teacher, mastering advanced healing techniques, and learning how to pass the system of reiki on to others in a way that is sacred AND cutting edge 🔥

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher means committing to fully integrating the reiki practice into your life.

The reiki students that I mentor at this level are those that are deeply pulled to work with reiki and make an impact.

It is not simply about "completing" your training, but committing to deeply understanding your relationship to reiki energy, and the world around you.

For the level 2 reiki practitioner who...

* Is ready to master reiki energy to heal your mind, body, and spirit in Level 3 (certification included).

* Has completed at least 3-5 reiki sessions and wants to complete the degrees of reiki in a way that is sacred and helps you fully embody the new level of energy

* Wants to launch your reiki healing and/or teaching business.

* Is looking for the tools and resources to teach your own reiki classes, give attunements, and perform reijus in-person AND online

* Wants to be part of a community of healers and be held in a deeply transformative mentorship container.

* Is ready embody the most connected, tapped in version of you.

* Is ready to channel greater amounts of energy than ever before, allowing you to heal deeper, and strengthen your connection to the energy

Included in the reiki master teacher mentorship...

Weekly Zoom Calls
The calls will take place on Thursdays at 4:30 PM PST / 7:30 EST. This Reiki Certification Class is provided in an virtual setting via Zoom. The class will be recorded and uploaded for those who cannot attend the live training, and attunement will be scheduled separately.

This class is a 6 week program, with new teachings that build on each other week-to-week. You are welcome to watch the recordings at a time in the week that works better for you, but it is recommended to keep up with the weekly tasks and calls to stay on track.

Lifetime Access to the Course Modules

Your online course guides you through the certification and developing your lifestyle each day (around 10-20 minutes a day).

The modules include material (videos, over 70+ pages of PDF resources, cheat sheets, guided meditations, manuals, and more) that you will participate in day by day to develop your dream lifestyle and reiki practice.

You have lifetime access to the material, and 6 weeks of mentorship. The expectation is that you stay on top of the weekly calls + independent learning in the modules to get the most out of the mentorship.

Daily Reiki Practice (10 mins/day)

Working with reiki daily is truly the foundation of this program. Your daily energy work allows your vibration to raise quickly, and is the foundation of creating those life-changing results.

Group Chat for Mentoring Between Calls

My support with you goes beyond just the learning; we have a group chat where I support you with intermittent voice notes and DMs in between calls. This is also where everyone gets to connect, share their experiences, and support one another. There are always mind blowing synchronicities in these groups and no two groups are the same. Everyone who is called to these containers at a particular time is called for a reason.

True soul family vibes.

Hear from my Level 3 RMT Student, Lara 👇

Hear from a few of my reiki students...


Is this an Accredited Course?

Yes, I am an accredited training provider through IPHM.

Virtual Learning

Learning reiki virtually allows you to have a deeper, more intimate connection to the energy. This class offers a teaching style that combines education, demonstration, and practice sessions so you can feel confident as you develop your Reiki Practice for yourself and others.

Online Course Modules

Your online course accompanies the live learning each week (no more than 30 minutes per week). You'll receive over 70+ pages of PDF resources, cheat sheets, guided meditations, manuals, and more.
Each week, there will be material that supplements the calls, and material that you will learn to prepare for the call the following week. You will have lifetime access to all the material in the modules and the call recordings, so you can always refer back to it.

The Lineage

As direct descendents of Mikao Usui (the founder of the reiki system of healing) my students learn the traditional Usui teachings. I firmly believe this is the most profound way to learn reiki, as you are connecting to the deepest energetic roots of the practice.
I do build upon the traditional lineage, meditations and practices and connect them to more modern tools to help you have a supportive and powerful practice to help you in modern day life, and have a ripple effect on the planet.
There are lots of "spinoffs" of the reiki practice that have been developed through the years and painted as "more effective".
It's all energy and this is pretty much just marketing. I encourage you to pick what resonates with you.

What Happens After the Mentorship?

After you complete the final exam and practice sessions and you have paid in full, you will receive your certification via mail.