The step-by-step self-study + 1 on 1 mentorship certification program to master the full spectrum of breathwork & meditation 🙏


here's the truth about most breathwork and meditation certifications👇

They only focus on one or two practices...& only scratch the surface of these transformative modalities.

This self-study + 1:1 Mentorship is going to teach you the full scope of practices for all parts of your life

If you're ready to dive into an incredibly in-depth and well-rounded online certification at your own pace while being 1 on 1 coached by the Founder of High Vibe Holistic & creator of this method...

You're in the right place.

My name is Sage Burmeister, I am the founder and instructor of the High Vibe Breathwork Course.

I'm here to guide you on your journey of full breathwork and meditation self-mastery.

I am a spiritual person who was once caught in addiction.

Even though I was following breathwork and meditation videos on youtube, I felt disconnected. I was using drugs and alcohol to numb out the ungrounded sensation I constantly felt, and I stayed in the same patterns until I eventually hit rock bottom.

Once I was clean, I began fully dedicating myself and expanding my knowledge of breathwork and meditation, and this became the backbone of my life and my sobriety: 10-20 minutes a day, every day, became my center point of my life, and my purpose.

My mission is to raise the consciousness through breathwork and meditation. The students I work with are those who share the same vision and desire for impact.

I have been coaching and guiding breathwork & meditation since 2018 across all scopes: in person and online clients, nation-wide retreats, workshops, sobriety coaching, in my former San Diego gym, etc. I have worked with athletes, high level professionals, kids, rehabs, iop centers, specialized in depression & anxiety, you name it! I've seen first-hand that this is life-changing for everyone.

One of the biggest reasons why I created this course is because through my years of experience, I've realized the Breathwork certification space is not even close to its potential, with most programs only teaching one form of breathwork.

Everyone deserves to master their energy and experience their true potential. That's why I do what I do.

Hear from a few students about their experience inside the High Vibe Breathwork and Meditation Certification...

Within our 12 Weeks Together You Will...

Master 20+ practices and how to apply them, including...

Pranayama, kundalini, 1 stroke, shamanic, zen meditation, guided visualizations, tactical breathing, athletic performance breathwork, breathing holds, + more
(Most certifications teach only ONE!)

Learn the ins and outs of the science + physiological effects of each practice...

the nervous system, hormones, vagus nerve, brain waves, chakra system, lung & diaphragm anatomy, + more

Understand the fundamentals and flow of guiding powerful sessions in all formats...

in-person, online, 1-on-1, for cardio and athletic performance, and for groups

Grow exponentially through the practices and reflection while following along with the trainings...

personal development, mindset + energy work to support you as you break through into the next-level version of yourself

Set up and leverage your online coaching business with guidance on all business models including...

single sessions, retreats, & our speciality online packages

Included in the High Vibe Certification Training...

3 1:1 Zoom Calls 

3 15 min. zoom calls included at the beginning, middle, and end of your certification

to ensure you are supported through your journey as you learn and integrate the practices into your life and business

Daily Breathwork and Meditation Practice (10-20 mins/day)

Committing to your personal practice daily is truly the foundation of this program. This is the foundation of learning and experiencing the power of the practices, and creating life-changing results in 12 weeks, and being able to confidently guide others.

Private Facebook Group

where our High Vibe group gets to connect, share their experiences, and support one another. This is also where I support you in between those call times.

Lifetime Access to the Trainings and 12 Course Modules

Your online course accompanies the training in each new module. The modules include over 50+ videos and presentations: the fundamentals of the practices, the science, guided MP3s, PDF's and how to guide others step-by-step.
The expectation is that students stay on top of the weekly calls + independent learning in the modules.


Is this an accredited course?

YES. We are accredited through IPHM.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Because you are completing the training solely from the recordings, we ask that you aim for a 6 month time frame to complete the course and requirements for you to best retain the information.

What happens after?

There's a final assessment at the end to. complete your training and receive your certification. You'll receive a PDF certification and can have one sent to you in the mail if you choose. You'll have lifetime access to the modules and the chat, but your 3 coaching and support calls Sage will only be available for the 6 month time frame from date of enrollment

Is there a guarantee?

We guarantee a second to none education in breathwork & meditation and the tools to get your first paying clients. Because you are granted full instant access to the course and materials, no refunds are granted. Please only enroll if you are able to commit.

Hear from John, sustainable nutrition coach


Sonia, licensed clinical worker


What Does the Investment Look Like?

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I understand some of you want to speak with me before you enroll, if this is you, you can book a consult call with me here 👇